30 mars 2010

La lutte contre le Cancer ...


Why do I ride? I ride to make a difference...

This is where my journey begins. It's no small feat to bike from Montreal to Quebec City over 2 days, but it pails in comparison to what so many people around the world deal with every day in their fight against cancer.

Both of my parents are cancer survivors & there is a good chance I will have to face this battle at some point in my own life. We need to do our part in any way we can. So for those of us who aren't in the field of research, cancer or otherwise we have to give a small donation that may just turn out to be the difference in life or death in someone’s life.

Not so long ago the words "cancer survivor" didn't exist. The research that's been done so far has changed the lives of so many, but we still have so much more we need to do. So give generously & who knows, your donation might be the life & death difference in the life of someone you know.

If you're on this page, you are the hero!

We all have to think outside the box if we're going to touch the lives of others, so here is my idea:

here's how you can donate $50 at NO COST TO YOU!!!
donate $25 dollars to me right now, then go to http://www.ingdirect.ca and sign up with a minimum balance of $100 (at some point you will be asked to enter an "Orange Key" use mine "14278400S1") & we will both receive $25 you will have donated $25 already (so it will have cost you nothing, but given so much & I will donate the money I receive on your behalf). To top that off you will get TWO 100% tax deductable tax receipts in e-mails for $25, one after your initial donation of $25 & the second once I receive my $25 & donate it on your behalf (just send me an e-mail at opp.gary@gmail.com, I just need your name & e-mail)

spread the word tell as many people as you can, send them here by going to: